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We effectively advocate for the health, wellbeing, and legal rights of our clients.

We know the system

The health system in Alberta is large, complex, and sometimes poorly coordinated. We have worked on the inside for more than a decade.

Our firm will help you:

- Make Court applications and appearances

- Navigate the health system 

- Productively manage conflict with care providers or administrators

- Help with difficult transitions between health facilities 

- Assist when you have issues with long term care or continuing care 

- Help when you cannot get access to care or when gaps in care or communication have    

   negatively impacted you or your loved one.  

We know the law

In the heath system, there are often many relevant pieces at play - legislation and standards, codes of conduct, internal policies, published data, contracts, and various government agency mandates, among others. We can guide you through your options.


We know health information, clinical data/records, and legal  documents

Efficiently obtaining, reviewing, and understanding the volumes of records can be daunting. We will get you the information you need, and will help you make sense of it all too.

We are your advocate

We can be your voice and take the stress off your shoulders. We also provide advice and helpful resources if you wish to act on your own.  

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